Give Ozarks 2016

Posted on: April 9th, 2016

May 4, 2016 Update:

WOW! The Fair Grove community came together during Give Ozarks 2016 to help raise $1,578.21 for Heart2Heart in online donations, plus additional donations that were made at a local business. We couldn’t be more proud of our community and all those who helped share and spread the word about our cause. THANK  YOU!

To those that donated online: Lisa Bernet, Chari Burrell, Brad Erwin, Mike Yeomans, Kathy Skidmore, Jeanne Luzaich, Julie Burch, Charity Hollan, Saundra Roper, Sue O’Dell, Kayce, Lincoln Hough, Charity Bates, Coleen Viefhaus/Kad E Korner, Norma L Tolbert, Leon Beaty, Jonathan Garard, Mary Wilcox, Casandra Crane, Kathie Peterie, C. Horton, Shanna Burrell, and several anonymous supporters – THANK YOU!

Heart2Heart will be participating in Give Ozarks on May 3, 2016. Give Ozarks is a one-day, online fundraising event for nonprofit partners of the Community Foundation of the Ozarks. The purpose of the event is to raise as much money in donations during a 24 hour period. The Foundation for Fair Grove Public Schools is working with Heart 2 Heart Outreach Ministries to raise funds to provide food during non-school time (weekends and summer) for our less fortunate children in the Fair Grove School District. The Foundation for Fair Grove Public Schools’ goal is to provide leadership and funding for projects that are beyond the scope of the FG School budget.

day of giving 2016